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  • John Jolley

Sula Rubens' Cricket series now available at the Oakham Contemporary Gallery

Stunning new cricket based artworks are now available at the Oakham Contemporary gallery. The Cricket series of figurative paintings from the renowned Suffolk artist, Sula Rubens are a timely addition to the gallery with Summer being just around the corner. What is more quintessentially English than the sound of leather on willow, cricket whites and cream teas? Sula captures the essence of the sport of cricket perfectly with her series of nine figurative paintings.

In 2019 Sula was elected by the Royal Watercolour Society to become an Associate Member. Several prestigious appointments as Artist in Residence are reflected in her work to date. She has collaborated with artists, poets & musicians nationally & internationally.

You can view and purchase Sula's cricket series by visiting the Oakham Contemporary gallery website at

Further information is available by contacting Oakham Contemporary at:

Telephone: 01572 337580 or email:


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