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  • John Jolley

13 New Paintings by William Balthazar Rose - Saturday 18th November 2023

The Rutland Gallery will be previewing 13 new paintings in their Uppingham gallery by the renowned artist William Balthazar Rose on Saturday 18th November 2023. The paintings are available to view online now and will be available to buy in the Uppingham gallery and online from 10:30 am on Saturday 18th November 2023. The paintings can be viewed online HERE

Rose's renowned series 'Cooks' stands as a testament to his artistic philosophy. The paintings, characterised by humour and moments of terror, cast the cook as a tragic-comic protagonist mirroring our contemporary fixation on celebrity culture. The cupcake, a recurring motif in Rose’s work can change from a simple confection to a vessel of deeper symbolism – perhaps an emblem of the human heart itself.

William Balthazar Rose exhibits internationally, and his client list includes an impressive number of celebrity collectors.

Telephone: 01572 510048 or email:


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