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William Balthazar Rose

William Balthazar Rose was born in Cambridge, England into a family of artists. Moving to America as a child, an American education culminated in a Masters degree from Princeton University, leading to teaching at Princeton and the University of California. Architectural ventures on both American coasts further enriched his diverse experiences. The 1990s marked a pivotal return to Europe where he now divides his time between his homes in Bath, England and in Umbria, Italy.

William Balthazar Rose's artistic prowess is nothing short of breathtaking, leaving one in awe at the first encounter. Encompassing roles of a painter, educator, award-winning architect, and visionary – Rose's canvas unfolds a world where words struggle to suffice. His paintings, predominantly symbolic in nature, possess an ethereal quality that truly captivates.

Within the enigmatic depths of William Rose's artworks lies a fusion of medieval mystique and dreamlike impressions. Humour dances alongside the darkness, intertwining to create a unique artistic narrative. Rose's genius lies in his adept adaptation of the works of artistry's legends woven seamlessly into his own compositions, each infused with a sense of intrigue. Symbolism takes root in every stroke, and each canvas spins a tale, often haunting yet undeniably engaging.

Rose's renowned series 'Cooks' stands as a testament to his artistic philosophy. The paintings, characterised by humour and moments of terror, cast the cook as a tragic-comic protagonist mirroring our contemporary fixation on celebrity culture. The cupcake, a recurring motif in Rose’s work can change from a simple confection to a vessel of deeper symbolism – perhaps an emblem of the human heart itself.

William Balthazar Rose exhibits internationally, and his client list includes an impressive number of celebrity collectors.

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