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Sarah Connell

Sarah Connell’s paintings are primarily about light, atmosphere and colour. Although they are often set in Manchester they transcend place and speak to you the viewer wherever you are from.

Sarah has painted using traditional media ever since she can remember, but now also paints digitally using a stylus and tablet at a computer or on an iPad. Sarah Connell’s parents are both creative and encouraged her as a child by buying 'grown up' paints, and sometimes her father let her tag along with his night school art class. The fact he was a printer meant there was always paper by the ream for Sarah to draw on.

Sarah Connell went on to study Art History and Archaeology at Nottingham University, and then Clothing Design at Manchester Metropolitan University. It was whilst studying clothing design that Sarah first became interested in digital painting and wrote her dissertation on analogue versus digital fashion illustration. Sarah is still exploring how traditional painting influences her digital work and vice versa.

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