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Michael Clark

Michael Clark, born in Ayr in 1959 and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1983. Initially working for the BBC in Glasgow, he later moved to London in 1989, where he pursued a career as a freelance art director and illustrator while continuing to paint and sell his works successfully. In 1999, Michael and his family returned to Scotland, where he dedicated himself fully to painting, garnering significant acclaim through exhibitions in prominent venues across London and the rest of the UK.

Inspired by the Scottish colourist tradition, Michael Clark's artistic journey is also heavily influenced by his time spent painting and traveling in France, particularly in Paris, Provence, and Bordeaux. Michael Clark’s paintings vividly reflect these experiences. Renowned for his distinctive yet timeless style, characterized by rich palettes, bold contrasts, and masterful handling of light and shadow, Michael has solidified his position as one of Scotland’s most renowned artists.

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