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Mark Beresford

Mark Beresford is a Sheffield based artist who is renowned for his vibrant depictions of lively urban landscapes. Utilising oil paints, Mark employs brushes and unconventional tools such as credit cards to create his urban landscapes. Mark Beresford is an artist with a penchant for capturing the essence of a scene, emphasizing the interplay of light within the landscape.

Driven by a passion for exploring themes that evoke ambiance, luminosity, and a subtle aesthetic, Mark draws inspiration from his Sheffield roots, infusing his art with childhood memories of weather nuances and the dynamic urban environment. The rugged terrain and ever-changing skies of the nearby Peak District further enrich the narrative of his work. Mark's artistic retreat, the Isles of Scilly, provides inspiration for serene depictions of pristine white sands, azure seas, and profound tranquillity. Notably, these captivating images emerge not from formal study but from the artist's countless hours of immersive observation.

Mark has had numerous exhibitions throughout the UK, with his work finding homes in collections both domestically and internationally.

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