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Jo Barrett

Jo Barrett is renowned for her distinctive approach to still life painting. A Fine Art graduate from Bath Spa University her artistic vision revolves around the mastery of light, drawing inspiration from the time-honoured Dutch master paintings while infusing them with a contemporary minimalism.

With painstaking precision, Jo brings meticulous attention to detail in her depictions of flowers and vessels, deftly playing with contrasts between the radiant focal subjects and the clean, flat backgrounds. Her keen eye for the interplay of light and scale is a hallmark of her work, where bold dimensions and subtle nuances of shadow and tonal shifts intertwine to create mesmerizing compositions.

Jo Barrett's paintings are an ode to the beauty of still life, capturing the essence of form, light, and atmosphere through the careful selection of objects and the spaces they inhabit. Her art seamlessly blends the contemporary with the formal, channelling the timeless palette and atmosphere of Dutch masterpieces. Jo distils this influence into minimal, structured arrangements, where even the folds in a tablecloth and the ethereal forms in the background play integral roles in the final works.

The harmonious balance between tradition and the present, coupled with Jo's unwavering dedication to detail, sets her work apart from the realm of photorealism. Her art is a testament to her ability to transcend the boundaries of time and genre, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where past and present coexist in perfect harmony.

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