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Jill Barthorpe

Jill Barthorpe is an English artist based in the idyllic countryside of Lincolnshire. Immersed in the rustic charm of her surroundings, Jill Barthorpe's artistic practice is shaped by her constant connection with nature. Specialising in floral still lifes and capturing the essence of country living, Jill Barthorpe’s work reflects the beauty of her idyllic environment.

A graduate of the prestigious Slade School of Art in London, Jill's dedication to her craft led her to secure a European scholarship, affording her the opportunity to paint in the picturesque South West of France. With a career spanning 25 years, Jill Barthorpe has showcased her art extensively in both the UK and the US, including four solo exhibitions in London. Jill Barthorpe’s paintings have earned recognition in 'Critics Choice' exhibitions and have been featured in Christie’s contemporary art sales.

Jill Barthorpe’s work is housed in several important corporate and private collections.

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