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James Naughton

James Naughton has created a unique vision of Landscape painting. He has established his reputation through a consistent determination to make art. Trusting instincts which result in emotive experiences for him and the viewer.

James Naughton’s work emerges from three preoccupations, light, landscape, and the nature of paint, these combine to result in paintings that link tradition and a modern visual experience. James Naughton’s values direct observation, as a traditional way to record the Landscape but is also drawn to communicating the interplay between what we see and our imagination, forging bonds between experience and mythology. His process does not normally involve preparation, sketching or photography, he finds that inviting the natural movement of oil paint to suggest the direction of a work, in an intuitive way, provides the most exciting challenge.

James Naughton exhibits in both the UK and internationally. Such recognition across the commercial and public spheres is very rare and testament to the quality of James Naughton’s painting.

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