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Hannah Ivory Baker

Hannah Ivory Baker is a contemporary painter of flora, landscapes and seascapes.

Hannah Ivory Baker’s work is inspired by the natural world, ranging from the rugged Cornish coast to the relative serenity of the Somerset levels. Hannah finds artistic opportunities, creative interpretations, and expressions within these landscapes.

Each piece of artwork originates from a plein air sketch completed in oil, charcoal, or mixed media. These sketches focus on capturing basic shapes, tones, light, and notable landscape features, serving as inspiration for larger studio paintings.

Hannah Ivory Baker’s primary focus is on mark-making and tone to convey a sense of depth in her work. Hannah believes that landscapes possess a plethora of shapes, textures, and energies, which must be accurately depicted in both sketches and paintings. Hannah emphasizes the ever-changing nature of the natural world, capturing its asymmetry and unpredictability through semi-abstract representations.

Each artwork endeavours to evoke a sense of place while allowing room for personal interpretation.

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