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Gus Farnes

Gus Farnes is a British artist working within a contemplative domain creating abstracted human forms that movingly refute the notion of sculpture as a static medium.

With his rough-hewn surfaces, Farnes bestows kinetic vitality in his figures: They gather, carry, stride ahead and rest, vibrating with life force as they inhabit their surroundings.

Fomented by ecology and the social milieu his work explores the human condition and is influenced by the concerns of our times which include geopolitics, the mass movement of people and the environment.

The sculptures are formed from the materials of their environments and – much like their subject matter – are both shaped and constrained by those environments. These materials – grass, leaves, flowers, stones, reeds and rushes – are gathered from the urban and rural landscapes in which they grow and then bound in wax and sculpted. Each piece is then cast directly into bronze creating a unique, individual sculpture.

 Gus cast his first bronze at the age of 16 which led him to Norwich School of Art in 2000. After leaving Norwich, he joined Sotheby’s as graphic artist, where he learned more about art and the art market.

In 2016 Gus left Sotheby’s and London to pursue his practice as a sculptor, establishing a studio and foundry located in Suffolk.

 An alumnus of the Norwich School of Art & Design, Farnes’ works can be found in private collections throughout Europe, Asia, Australasia and the United States.

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