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Gerald Green

Born in 1947, Gerald Green was awarded a Diploma in Architecture from Leicester Polytechnic. Transitioning from architecture to a career in art and illustration in 1987, Gerald Green swiftly rose to prominence as one of the UK's premier architectural illustrators, boasting a clientele comprising major national and international companies. Concurrently, he held roles as Vice President of The Society of Architectural Illustrators and Director of The Free Painters and Sculptors Group in London.

Now fully immersed in painting, Gerald Green's work has graced numerous public and private galleries across the UK, alongside prestigious exhibitions at the Mall Galleries, London, and recognition as a finalist in national arts competitions such as The Singer and Friedlander/Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and The Laing and Not The Turner Prize exhibitions. Gerald Green’s mastery of both oil and watercolour allows him to capture the essence of his subjects, leveraging light as the primary element.

A regular contributor to arts publications like The Artist and International Artist, Gerald Green’s work has featured in approximately nine books. Gerald Green has also appeared in television and radio interviews about his work.

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